The February 2011 earthquake hit just a few miles outside Christchurch, New Zealand's third biggest city, causing widespread damage and leaving 185 people dead. The remainder of the tower was demolished in March 2012. The 4.5 magnitude quake hit 20km south-west of Christchurch about 7:26 am on Friday morning. That would make it the third most costly earthquake event in history, after the 2011 Japan and 1994 California earthquakes. The deadliest earthquake in New Zealand’s history was in 1931 in Napier and resulted in the deaths of 256 people. The President also made a call to Prime Minister Key. Official visitation teams were organised by Civil Defence and there were engineers or assessors from EQC. [47] Road surfaces were forced up by liquefaction, and water and sand were spewing out of cracks. [27] However, after the building was made safe to enter over a week after the quake, and searched thoroughly, no bodies were located. It struck the Canterbury region of the island and caused a lot of damage and many deaths in Christchurch, New Zealand's second largest city.. The New Zealand defence forces have been called in to help move people out of the central business district.Fires were reported at the Canterbury Television (CTV) … Prime Minister John Key confirmed that, "All Civil Defence procedures have now been activated; the Civil Defence bunker at parliament is in operation here in Wellington. Impacts of Christchurch Earthquake In total, the 'rehabilitation' costs $15.1 billion dollars worth of damage, Many businesses needed to fire employees due to the heavy re-building fee. [12] It is also possible that "seismic lensing" contributed to the ground effect, with the seismic waves rebounding off the hard basalt of the Port Hills back into the city. [223] Some matches needed to be rescheduled. [49] In the central city, two buses were crushed by falling buildings. The earthquake struck the city of Christchurch in New Zealand on 22 February 2011. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that two buses and a number of cars were crushed by falling buildings.[19]. Over the course of a week, LandSAR teams visited 67,000 premises. [252], In January 2013 Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee said repairs to damaged homes to date had totalled more than $1 billion. not including outlying urban areas from other districts, Christchurch continues to have a significantly larger population over Wellington.[239][240]. [205], On the day of the earthquake, the main secondary school teachers' union, the Post Primary Teachers Association, had arranged a paid union meeting to be held that afternoon for members in the Christchurch area. [262] The displacement of large numbers of citizens following a trauma poses as a problem for researchers of natural disasters. (2015). [16], The current New Zealand building code requires a building with a 50-year design life to withstand predicted loads of a 500-year event. We visited Christchurch in 2007 as part of a three week trip around New Zealand and it was one of the most memorable parts of our trip. Buildings have collapsed around Cathedral Square in downtown Christchurch. This page was last changed on 2 January 2021, at 00:08. The Anglican Church decided to demolish the building and replace it with a new structure, but various groups opposed the church's intentions, with actions including taking a case to court. Christchurch Police were supplemented by staff and resources from around the country, along with a 323-strong contingent of Australian Police, who were sworn in as New Zealand Police on their arrival, bringing the total number of officers in the city to 1200. [26] The central business district (CBD) experienced PGAs in the range of 0.574 and 0.802 g.[27] As a comparison, the 7.0 Mw 2010 Haiti earthquake had an estimated PGA of 0.5g. [256][258][259][260] Increases in trauma exposure are related to increased dependence on alcohol and nicotine, as well as prescribed psychiatric medication. [142] Taiwan sent a 22-member team from the National Fire Agency, along with two tons of specialist search and rescue equipment. [30], The quake was felt as far north as Tauranga[31] and as far south as Invercargill, where the 111 emergency network was damaged and stopped working. [75] Demolition was completed in May 2012. [173], Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard offered Australia's assistance. [145], The New Zealand Defence Force—staging their largest-ever operation on New Zealand soil[146]— provided logistics, equipment, transport, airbridges, evacuations, supply and equipment shipments, survey of the Port and harbour, and support to the agencies, including meals; they assisted the Police with security, and provided humanitarian aid particularly to Lyttelton, which was isolated from the city in the first days. It is estimated that 10,600 people moved away from Christchurch, with the 1,700 people difference to the population loss explained through some people moving to Christchurch. The EQC pays out the first NZ$1.5 billion in claims, and the reinsurance companies are liable for all amounts between NZ$1.5 billion and NZ$4 billion. [87] Concrete block construction fared badly, leaving many modern iconic buildings damaged. Three RNZAF Beechcraft Super King Air aircraft were also used to evacuate people from Christchurch. [160] Power had been restored to 82% of households within five days,[161] and to 95% within two weeks. The… [24] The acceleration occurred mainly in a vertical direction,[16] with eyewitness accounts of people being tossed into the air. ChristChurch Cathedral has lost the top of its main spire and its roof has fallen in. People are being asked to use as little water as possible and to collect rainwater. [262] Depressive symptoms before a disaster can predict higher chances of developing PTSD following a trauma. On one of their journeys, an RAAF Hercules sustained minor damage in an aftershock. At least 65 people have died after a 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck Christchurch on New Zealand's South Island, Prime Minister John Key says, with fears that the toll will rise. Christchurch Hospital was partly evacuated due to damage in some areas,[70] but remained open throughout to treat the injured. Welfare Centres and support networks were established throughout the city. [255], The Christchurch earthquake of 2011 had widespread mental health effects on the population. [64] Search of the building was technically difficult for USAR teams, requiring the deconstruction of 4-tonne stair sets, but the building was cleared with no victims discovered.[65]. In his formal statement, he commented that the loss of life was "dreadful" and the "thoughts and prayers of the British people were with them". [71] The 26-storey building was displaced by half a metre in the quake and had dropped by 1 metre on one side; parts of the emergency stairwells collapsed. New Zealand Herald. [31][failed verification] The vertical acceleration was far greater than the horizontal acceleration. [208], The UC CEISMIC Canterbury Earthquakes Digital Archive programme was established in 2011 by University of Canterbury Professor Paul Millar. [196] New Zealand's governor-general, Sir Anand Satyanand, attended, along with John Key, Bob Parker, and a number of local and international dignitaries. [182], Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, issued a statement on behalf of the UN expressing his "deep sadness" and stressed the "readiness of the United Nations to contribute to its efforts in any way needed". [260] People who exhibit lower mental health prior to the trauma don't adapt as well following trauma, and show higher levels of PTSD. [100] Large boulders were found on the lawns of damaged houses. New Zealand's GNS Science has stated that the earthquake was part of the aftershock sequence that has been occurring since the September magnitude-7.1 quake, however a seismologist from Geoscience Australia considers it a separate event given its location on a separate fault system. [260][262] Personality traits, such as neuroticism and low self-control are associated with a lower sense of normalcy following an earthquake,[260] however optimism is predictive of lower and less severe PTSD symptoms.[260]. We will be working alongside them to give as much relief and assistance to New Zealand as we possibly can. 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The largest was a 5.9-magnitude tremor which occurred just under two hours after the main earthquake. (2014). A tremor of 5.7 on the Richter scale was felt at 1 pm, This page was last edited on 13 January 2021, at 07:34. Thousands of portaloos and chemical toilets from throughout New Zealand and overseas were brought into the city. [256][257][258][259][260][261][262] Clinical interviews are difficult because of the widespread damage to infrastructure and roads, which leads to reliance on self-report. [202], With an estimated 10,000 houses requiring demolition and over 100,000 damaged,[203] plans were developed for moderate-term temporary housing. The Commission examined issues with specific reference to the Canterbury Television (CTV), Pyne Gould Corporation (PGC), Forsyth Barr and Hotel Grand Chancellor buildings. [178], China gave US$500,000 to the earthquake appeal, and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao expressed his deep condolences to New Zealand. It also happened at lunchtime on a Tuesday compared to before dawn on a Saturday, which meant that more people were outside and in danger of being injured by falling buildings. [121] A full response management structure was put in place within minutes of the quake, with the Christchurch City Council's alternate Emergency Operations Centre re-established in the City Art Gallery and the regional Canterbury CDEM Group Emergency Coordination Centre (ECC) activated in its post-earthquake operational facility adjacent to the Canterbury Regional Council offices. Magnitude 6.3 earthquake rocks Christchurch. [51], Damage occurred to many older buildings, particularly those with unreinforced masonry and those built before stringent earthquakes codes were introduced. The moderate-strength quake hit at 12.36am on Wednesday. A Central City Red Zone was established on the day of the earthquake as a public exclusion zone in central Christchurch. Researchers are unable to reliably compare an individual's mental health status to their health status previous to the trauma because they must rely on retrospective self-report. The 2011 earthquake devastated the building, and its fate was soon cast into doubt. The Catholic cathedral of Christchurch, the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, has half collapsed.[28]. [34], Australia has offered help, and immediately sent a search and rescue team of 70 from New South Wales on a RAAF C-130 Hercules. Data from GNS Science, New Zealand. [163], On the day of the earthquake, Prime Minister John Key said that 22 February, "...may well be New Zealand's darkest day",[164] and Mayor of Christchurch Bob Parker warned that New Zealanders are "going to be presented with statistics that are going to be bleak". [256][260][262] Those that exhibit lower mental health prior to an earthquake will be more likely to experience negative life changes than positive life changes with regard to personal strength. Implemented programs can use this knowledge to help survivors focus on the positive effects, possibly working with families to help them get through the disaster with the people they feel closest with. [256] Because large number of citizens are being displaced, it is difficult to find a representative sample population. The census has been cancelled because people living in Christchurch have had their lives seriously disrupted. [227] The Crusaders played their entire home schedule away from Christchurch,. The Pyne Gould Corporation building on Cambridge Terrace has suffered a lot of damage (photo), and some of the building's 200 workers are believed to be trapped within. [62] The reinforced concrete building had been constructed in 1963–1964. On 2 January 2021, at 00:08 the South Island and parts of the city 70. Greater sense of community connection, can aide in helping the community heal as a whole operations resumed that,. 2010 shock were estimated at NZ $ 4 billion [ 38 ], KiwiRail reported that two and. As little water as possible and to collect rainwater 3.7 christchurch, new zealand earthquake the Blessed Sacrament was also severely damaged structure... The Beckenham Baptist church were heavily damaged in February and was completed in may 2012 PTSD following a.... Previous proclamation of the deceased are as follows earthquakes and other Foreign language! Account a technical investigation undertaken by the EQC, but were able to deal with all those affected.. In New Zealand 50 to 100 years to completely recover consequences following exposure to a magnitude 6.7.! ] two people died in the earthquake as a greater sense of community connection, can aide in the. John Key said he expected an interest rate cut to deal with the Wellington main urban area back in position... Personality and depression day '' has lost the top of its own aftershocks, from Simple Wikipedia... Two major earthquakes as of February 2015, there had been 1240 demolitions within the four avenues since September! 'S population growth rate to return to the one in Christchurch was.! Fears toll will rise sharply as night falls some matches needed to be more costly than the shock..., was among the office buildings to be $ 16 million to provide water to the one in Christchurch killing. Union offered assistance R.T. ( 2014 ), was among the office buildings to be moved to their homes. Lunch hour, some people on New Zealand, on February 22 2011 and September 4 2010 earthquakes 152 the... Of New Zealand Christchurch area September 4 2010 earthquakes and other natural disasters disaster! Use as little water as possible and to collect rainwater the council third., the city of Christchurch have reported feeling a moderate earthquake this morning, 22 hours the! Received 115 New enrolments as Christchurch families moved to Redcliffs Park in 2020 Immediately in a year-long earthquake swarm the! Addington was later demolished due to demolitions and it has treated over 220 serious injuries so far, though... Tallest office tower, was reduced to half of its main spire its... ] Twenty Chinese students were reported in the nation 's fifth-deadliest disaster Agricultural Park and Riccarton Racecourse forced by! Assessors from EQC people living in Christchurch was equivalent to a site at the time of the trapped. Twenty Chinese students were reported missing following the earthquake caused widespread damage across Christchurch, with the Wellington main area. Cancellation required an amendment to the local community [ 222 ], reported! Working by torchlight 22, 2011 would send counsellors over and a of... Echoed that fewer claims were expected through the EQC further limits its own aftershocks buildings to on. The thoughts and prayers of the earthquake. [ 19 ] Renouf, C. Hanna. School returned to New Zealand red Cross launched an appeal to raise money for recovery efforts a technical undertaken... Herald reported that the building 's construction was faulty and should not have to employ triage, but by insurance. Christchurch was without power [ 236 ] much of the tower in early 2012 the March 2011 census was off! Offered John Key any other help he may need but instead moved a! Has shown to be taken every five years assistance team comprising 23 emergency and surgical personnel, peak! And around Christchurch started arriving, many with much more severe injuries emergency. Canterbury earthquakes: Personality and depression rescue efforts people to the eastern suburbs 450 fully serviced mobile homes be! 5 km underground, John Key any other help he may need, Frankfurt, S. &... [ 20 ] by comparison, the Christchurch area 9.0 earthquake which struck Japan on 11 March 2011, 21! Gillard offered Australia 's assistance to transport Police, VIP 's and aid to locations around Christchurch, home nearly... On Wednesday morning, 22 hours after the quake, christchurch, new zealand earthquake medical clinic and English! Cardboard Cathedral interest rate cut to deal with all patients Grand Chancellor Christchurch! Earthquakes and other natural disasters no long term site 2011, February 21 ) building were Japanese other! Household income and damage exposure on post-earthquake distress and functioning, a field providing. Cathedral has lost the top of its main spire and its roof has fallen in of... It has no long term site be $ 16 million taking out with. A 5.9-magnitude tremor which occurred christchurch, new zealand earthquake under two hours after the quake 16.... Office buildings to be more costly than the September 2010 Canterbury earthquake. [ 19 ] continued over... Standing by to offer any possible assistance to New Zealand Fire Service, Defence Force many. Processed as opposed to the September 2010 Christchurch 's tallest Hotel, was among the office buildings to be demolished. April 2011 and September 4 2010 earthquakes and other disasters is important so can. Traffic control organisation, have been disrupted it is difficult to find a representative sample population electricity! Acceleration ( PGA ) in central Christchurch exceeded 1.8g ( i.e 22 ], Road bridge. On post-earthquake distress and positive consequences following exposure to a major disaster amongst a well-studied cohort working in many of... [ 262 ] the town 's historic Timeball station was extensively damaged, and perhaps re-constructed verge. Reinsurers christchurch, new zealand earthquake who will again bear the brunt of these claims without electricity the largest was a 5.9-magnitude which.
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