Wiz: And almost every one of those mentioned gods have shown amazing things, starting with Poseidon, who flooded the entire world after dying. For Kratos to win this he has to go all out right off the bat, and end it quick. It's also not like anyone ever once disputed the fact that Atlas would have killed the gods if he succeeded in destroying the pillar. Stark approaches to the capsule, and slightly touches it with his hands. How does that works? Wiz: Army of Hades allows Kratos to summon the souls of the dead and command them to attack his enemies; Atlas Quake lets Kratos create powerful earthquakes by punching the ground; Light of Dawn throws orbs of bright light, and finally, one of Kratos strongest magics: Scourge of Erinys, a power that neither mortal nor god should wield. Anyway, Hulk's body is also a living conduit for gamma radiation, working like a gamma battery by creating and radiating gamma energy, and he can use this radiation to empower himself. She didn’t even manage to finish those words because instantly Kratos drives the Blade of Olympus at Athena with a powerful swing. Again, The Hulk's regeneration can be outaxed, and despite his incredible resistance to force, even the Hulk could not escape the young mutant Tempus' time bubble. And with that, he ensured that all the gods met his name, Kratos. Wiz: He has been impaled, stabbed, crushed, burned and beaten by various monsters, gods and heroes, and he’s still alive like nothing, and even if he died a few times, he just escaped from the Underwolrd like it was child’s play. The Spartan looks at Ares, then moves his sword at him. Just look at it, it’s beautiful. With it, Kratos can summon black holes that consume nearby foes, also draining their life force and giving it to Kratos. Bruce puns and laughs softly while looking at the Spartan, who obviously didn’t say anything, however, something aside that happened. Boomstick: But one day, the same day when Hulk came back to the Earth in order to get vengeance over the heroes that sent him to the space, a revelation come up, one of Hulk's friends on the planet, Miek, was the one responsible for their deaths all along, prompting the Hulk to go... Worldbreaker. Thanks to the blow, Bruce’s gaze was flurry, but despite that, he manages to see a humanoid silhouette approaching at him with flaming shortswords in each hand. ?/18 Written by TheDoomGaze Directed by TheDoomGaze Episode guide Previous Next Sephiroth Vs. Vergil (Fanon Version) Goku Vs. Seiya Seeing that, The Hulk instantly throws the boulder at nowhere and with a lot of force. Unless it's adamantium like wolvies claws or vibradium it's not going to hurt much. Wiz: I don't know where, Boomstick. Hercules's Shoulder Guard negates a third of all damage taken and the Orkos's Cloak regenerates Kratos' wounds over time. Stark looks at the frozen man one more time, and after smiling again, he changes his look to a more serious one. Again, Bruce sidesteps and narrowly avoids, drawing his fists and throwing a punch at Kratos, who dodges as well and drives his swords at The Emerald Monster again. Boomstick: Hulk is also very durable, not only because how tought he looks, but thanks to his also great regenerative power. The two were Demi-god children sons of the King of Olympus himself, and the human women Calypso, but just one of them was destined to be a great warrior, and the bringer of the destruction of the Olympus. Then, standing a few meters away from Bruce, Kratos roars, and starts running at the Doctor, who seemed really, really angered. Kratos frees an arm from the rock. Kratos died after getting stabbed. Said man seemed sleeping, or maybe dead, and he was buried inside of a block of ice and protected by a cryokinetic capsule. Ares moved four gigantic mountains, and the Furies created a dimension with an entire sea inside of it, and a thunderstorm. Bruce sighs, what was important is that he didn’t get damaged by the crystal fragments of course. I’m okay with saying that this guy’s fueled by his anger, after all, he's almost always screaming and yelling with rage, but how is he powered by Hope? However, one day Ares said, "HEY! The wall completely falls apart as Kratos hits it, but the strength the Hulk used on that throw was really great, so that Kratos fly didn’t end there as he continued moving at high speeds towards every wall on his way, destroying them and reducing his speed with each wall that he touches until he is finally outside of the laboratory, landing in front of a great rock and in the middle of a desolated valley with an enormous space and a lot of big boulders around. Wiz: And while Kratos can act anger-proned, he's actually rather clever and wise. He has also fought Celestial beings who wield magic attacks. Boomstick: The Blade of Artemis is a giant two-handed scimitar once used by Artemis to slay a Titan. Hands down, kratos wins, period. In response, The Hulk puts his arms in front of himself as the arrow strikes with the skin of his arms, not even piercing it, but leaving a little burn. Hes gonna have to pull out his other powers to have a chance. Marvel Vs. God Of War! Banner doesn’t manage to end his oration because the crystal breaks suddenly, and the sharp fragments of glass are shot around at high speeds. On the top, Kratos walks to the edge and looks down, to see a colossal fall in front of him that probably reaches the seventy feet. I mean he’s as cold as an ice pallet. Kratos can create tornados and conjure up the rage of poseidon, which can whipe out an entire army with a single blast, he posseses zeus's lighting bolts, he can conjure up souls, and can steal any beings soul( except zeus). hulk disadvantage: kratos might be faster than hulk is, kratos is not easy to beat in a fight, and kratos got weapons while hulk just fight with his fist. @AmazingScrewOnHead: Marvel Zeus is alot more powerful than, GOW Zeus, Not if you count the GOW novel (which is canon), kratos is faster than hulk, and he possesses powerful magic, intelligence and weapons. The God of War is seen really tired, while the demigod, Kratos, shows himself still imposing and non-fatigued, walking towards Ares slowly. I'm always angry. Thanatos was the god of death himself, and the Fates had the power of chronokinesis. Said arrow flies at the Hulk, moving like a bullet towards the monster. That's the Pillars of the World, held by Atlas. he turns into a giant and stomps hulk into the ground. “I made you a god. Kratos sees him, runs up to him and punches a hole through his chest, in that split second if Kratos does not chop Hulks head clean off his body, the 1-2 seconds Hulk experiences before he dies is enough to enrage him to a serious level and he would start to heal very quickly. Bruce turns towards the monster that's following Tony, and he slowly walks at it, while Steve Rogers follows him from afar, stopping in mid-walking. Boomstick: And all of Hulk's capabilities can grow up exponentially if he's angered enough. Wiz: The puppies are more appropriate for the audience! “First of all, he’s not a super soldier.”. As The Hulk punches the armlet, a heavy metal noise spreads, followed by a golden light that pushes Bruce a few inches back. And finally, Kratos’ strongest weapon, one forged by Zeus himself-. Since Tony left, the place stood in silence for five minutes at least, until Bruce finally broke the tension with the frozen Kratos. Wiz: A state that Kratos achieves when he taps into his inner rage, using all of his godly power to greatly increase his strength, speed and resistance. Asks a voice next to him, a ghost version of his sister, Athena. In front of him, Nick Fury is standing with his hands on his back; waiting for Tony to say a word, until Stark finally breaks the silence. As seen in the book, it's not the only pillar holding that pathetic, hollow world of God of War up so Atlas' strength isn't even as impressive as some idiots claim. After hearing Tony saying that, the confused now was Nick, because the Nordics and the Greeks had actually nothing in common. Back to the top, Kratos has a few problems to stand due to the boulder constantly moving, and knowing that the Hulk was lifting the rock, his only alternative was to jump from it quickly. Wiz: And he eventually took in his father Brian after his many years in a mental hospital... until he tried to murder his son in front of his mother's tomb, causing Bruce to accidentally kill him in self-defense. Natasha tilts her head after hearing what Tony said. Who will die? Now you have an idea of how onsided this fight is. Boomstick: And Just look at those crazy moves! In the air, Kratos is shown unaware of what was coming for him, recovering after two seconds or so, just to see the sound wave that instantly gets to him and throws the man even higher, reaching the clouds with the sound hit. @TheAcidSkull: Thanks. Death Battle featuring Hulk from Marvel Comics against Kratos from God of War. Kratos throws one of his shortswords at one of those pillars, and like the sword was a hook, it buries in the rock and allows the Spartan to pull himself at the top of the boulder, standing with no problem after propelling himself. Even I had one. How does he have all those muscles them?”. Just a few seconds later, the sound of a helicopter’s airscrew is heard, as Tony and Nick fly away from the laboratory. The longer this fight goes on the more Hulk has the edge. It was a man with red tattoos all around his body, with some scars and a big one in his stomach, but any wound, a golden armlet and a pair of shortswords bound to his arms. But for some reason, I feel like I saw this before. If it was normal Hulk vs Kratos just before the end of God of War 3, I think Kratos could take him. She was ready to get killed by her own brother again; however, what came next was something she really never expected. As a fact, The Beyonder, one of the most powerful cosmic beings in the Marvel Universe, cannot measure The Hulk's full strength. “Oh, and look, this one has a red skirt. In the back of Ares, the edge of the blade is seen, filled with blood. Kratos > Hulk if he wastes literally no time what so ever and just slices Hulks head off instantly. When the lights return, Kratos’ corpse is no more where it was left. At least, this time the tattoo guy wasn’t responsible for that. No offense but i think i'm going with the narrator. She exclaims, despaired and angry at the same time. Your line of "people who go for hulk have never played god of war game" is ironic because it's quite obvious you haven't read WWH or any comic with Hulk in the present. That situation didn’t stop there, in fact, the blades continue warming and thawing the ice, slowly freeing Kratos arms and lower body, proceeding to his chest and head. Less than a second after the Spartan says that, he drives his fist at Bruce, who blinks, and after blinking, his eyes are covered with a the same green light than before, but his time, the light stays and doesn’t leaves. Kratos throws Banner at another wall, this time not breaking the wall but Banner’s bones. Wiz: Anyway, Kratos defeated Zeus but didn’t kill him because his god sister, Athena, got in the way right when the Spartan landed the dead blow, killing her instead. To start off, Kratos is a "white thing that relies on his anger to smash things". Boomstick: To some persons, the rage acts like a motor that propels their lives, helping them to become stronger and reach their goals. titans alone out power base level hulk by 100 times. He’s a very capable hand-to-hand combat, can master every weapon with a few looks, reacted to and even caught Hermes, who managed to avoid the flashlight coming from Helios’ head, and to Zeus, who moves at lightning speed. As an instinct, Bruce closes his eyes and puts his hands forward and in front of his face, to avoid any lethal injury. It's the sixth chapter of TheDoomGaze's Death Battles. Dialogue isn't exactly proof of anything when it's already being contradicted as it is. That's child abuse! I think Hope empowered Kratos with the Blade of Olympus could give normal Hulk a run for his money. He can also survive the harshest envinroments, and despite looking like just a bulky monster, he can to move at incredible speeds, showing himself like a green blur when running. As the light appears, Kratos’ punch gets to Bruce, but it stops when it touches Bruce’s face. He's strong enough to lift gigantic boulders, overpower his half-brother Hercules, and his reflexes are fast enough to both dodge Hermes, and even managed to grab him. Being one of the most important heroes group, The Avengers had a great amount of members, money and good financing, lead by Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, and with the help of S.H.I.E.L.D to make their researches and other things. Boomstick: Hope? Hulk will be roaming around in a normal form that I call Base Hulk, he is on Par with Thor and the Thing in this state and is not enraged. The dust disappears completely and the stick is fired from the semi circle, revealing to be a burning arrow shot from the Bow of Apollo, which Kratos holds in his hands. Being a reasonable guy, Hulk swore revenge and went back to Earth to take on the Illuminati that sent him there to begin with. Challenging Kratos was probably the worst thing she would have ever made. Krato's magic, while cool and has damage potential to lower tier characters, is nothing to Hulk. Wiz: But that not the only useful godly possession, he also has the Daedalus's Schematics, those give Kratos infinite item energy, meaning that he has infinite ammo for the Bow of Apollo and some other items. That doesn't invalidate all the other rock formations that stretch out from the underworld to the surface that isn't a pillar yet more than likely contribute to holding up the wait of the world as well. Boomstick: I wouldn’t kill her too, I mean, look at those huge-. The Golden Fleece is a golden armlet that can parry attacks and return every enemy projectile, and it’s much stronger than the Sun Shield, being capable of deflecting the Blade of Olympus itself. Ares was no more. Kratos with his highest leveled weapons and all his GOD powers could probably easily dispatch Hulk...But I'm guessing by the op this is regular Kratos with just his blades of chaos, in which I think Hulk shouldn't have a problem beating him. Regardless, whatever Hulk fans may state, Hulk can and has been knocked the fuck out, Kratos' weapons would be like a chainsaw of Wolverine claws wrapped around Hulk's neck. However, it can only be used if Kratos absolves himself of his past sins. The Hulk Vs. Kratos TheDoomGaze TheDoomGaze TheDoomGaze TheDoomGaze Gogeta46Power Simbiothero V3 Simbiothero V2 Simbiothero ROLVeBloxxer Cartoonfan12345 Bluelightning733 1/11 Add photo Season 1, Episode 5 Vital statistics Air date 01/? The gigantic sword impales Kratos’ abdomen completely as a lot of blood begins to spill from it like it was a water fountain. Not only that but let's say wolverine does use his adamantium claws on hulk. Who will win in a fight between Kratos and Red Hulk? He and the Hulk have even occasionally joined minds to take on their greatest threats. Realizing what Kratos was about to do, Athena extends her hand at his brother and walks at him. Captan America: Doctor Banner, now might be a good time for you to get angry. Funny to note that Bruce wanted to create a weapon that could destroy weapons and buildings, but spare lives... Because that's not how those things work. Imagine you fighting a baby. Kratos effortlessly tossed away the gigantic Colossus of Rodhes when it tried to step on him, overpowered Hercules, the strongest man in the world, in a power struggle, and later screwed his face with his own gauntlets. Thanks to the boots, Kratos’ speed increases drastically, greatly surpassing Hulk’s and reaching him in an instant while driving one of his blades at the monster, leaving golden flames after his footsteps. I think World Breaker Hulk can easily make Kratos his little bitch. Kratos is more than capable of killing Hulk. Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set, lets end this debate once for all! This Emerald guy's regeneration has been confirmed to be one of the most potent healing factors in the Marvel Universe. 1 Interlude 2 Kratos 3 Spawn 4 Death Battle 5 Results 6 Trivia (*Cues: Invader - Jim Johnston*) Wiz: Of all the warriors who have entered this arena, none can compete with these two titans of death. The doctor moans in pains and coughs a bit of blood, as a green flash of light surrounds his eyes. When the Spartan opened the box, all those things were freed, and with that, he got the power to kill a god. Anything I see this comparison I always show people this video of Thanos capping Hulk like a … Many things happened after that moment, involving Kratos into another adventure where he killed all of the remaining gods, including Zeus himself, finally completing his revenge. He can even go back in time and kill Bruce Banner before Bruce ever turned into the Hulk. Boomstick: Before Hulk smashed it, of course. That goes good with all those weird tattoos.”. “Can you… Please stop punching me and just talk like… Civilized people? Look at the lower left pillar. Lets make one huge point, KRATOS POSSESES THE SOUL OF A GOD. I trust you to do the right thing, Kratos.”. Zeus’ Fury allows Kratos to summon and throw thunderbolts, and Eye of Atlantis lets this Spartan attack foes with fierce lighting. Luckily, Kratos manages to pull the blade back to him and to throw the other shortsword at a smaller boulder just before that, quickly leaping at the ground again and standing a few meters in front of The Hulk. No? Subscribe http://bit.ly/2oUkw8nGod of War 3 PS4 Remaster, Hercules boss fight, no commentaryFollow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChrisZanar Nick Fury leaves the room, and Tony follows him. The sound of the ice melting spreads around as the two Blades of Exile begin to ignite inside of the capsule, whose glass also began to break due to the sudden temperature change. Around the world, many heroes teamed up together in order to confront the adversities, taking different names for their associations: the Defenders, the Teen Titans, the Fantastic Four, , the X-Men, the Doom Patrol, the Inhumans, , and above all of them, the two most-known heroes’ teams, The Justice League, and The Avengers. Wiz: That is because The Hulk's regeneration process works similar to the super-cancer, what means that it's an abnormal growth of cells, and due to that, Hulk can heal back his entire skin in just a few seconds, survive being stabbed, having his limbs ripped, lethal wounds across his body, and easily resist toxins or chemicals. Wiz: But one hundred clones of Kratos and the dimension being destroyed just ruined the party. She separates their faces and Kratos shows a challenging smile while Athena pulls the Blade of Olympus back from his stomach, and throws it aside to then walk away from the demigod, disappearing from his sigh in a blink; blink that seemed like a complete eternity for Kratos. Were people seriously arguing that Atlas was holding up the entire thing by himself? The Claws of Hades can be telepathically controlled by their owner too and also let Kratos to dodge quite fast. @Lou_Cypher Everyone that's played the games should already be aware of that. Since the moment when Kratos started his vengeance, to the end of it when he managed to kill Zeus, a few years passed, and after a lot of deadly fights, Kratos was still there, in the Mount Olympus, standing in the top of it and a few meters away from the remains of Zeus’ corpse, who recently exploded in a beam of light that spread everywhere, bringing the destruction to the world after dying by his son’s hands. The hemorrhage continues, spreading around and above a gigantic phoenix image. @TheAcidSkull: Just a question, has Hulk ever resisted soul stealing or anything like that? I think that the Cap’s enough for us.”. What a shame, right? Boomstick: But over all those things, Kratos’ triumph card is the Rage of Sparta. Fully equipped with Claws of Hades, Medusa`s Gaze and the Blade Of Olympus or Hope. Everything was pretty much in pieces, the disaster was great, and so was the Spartan’s merit. Kratos is slightly faster and more agile, and the better fighter, but Hulk is smarter and I believe he can overpower Kratos. Aphrodite is seen in a bed, half-naked and doing some sexy moves until Kratos approaches to her and the camera moves away to where Aphrodite’s servants were, and the moans of Aphrodite and Kratos are heard all around. Getting what the Ironman said, Nick Fury nods, agreeing with him immediately. Black Widow: I don't see how that's a party. He’s a beast! Wiz: Well, remember when Kratos opened Pandora's Box for the first time? Which increases all of the Asgardian's strength and stamina ten times. Wiz: However, the Hulk has managed to overcome many of his age-old faults, such as his weaknesses to gamma bombardment and knock-out gas. By the end of the game he has the powers of the various titans, and fights on their side. 1. From what I recall playing the games Kratos should have no difficulty severing Hulk's head and/or limbs while going for the win and is skilled, strong and fast enough to avoid getting KO'd while working his magic. Wiz: Long ago, back in the ancient Greece, two kids were born. The Hulk follows Kratos’ trajectory less than a second later, throwing another punch at a dizzy Kratos, who noticed the monster when it was already in front of him, leaving no option to the man but to block, what he does by putting the Golden Fleece between the two. Hulk then proceeds to crush the shield with his hand and to remove the spear from his chest brusquely, breaking it in half. “The Nordics and the Greeks aren’t the same…”. Kratos punches the doctor a few more times, with more strength each time he hits, wounding his face and filling his fists with Banner’s blood. Boomstick: Witnessing his brother getting kidnapped, and with having little to no power to do anything, the eldest brother decided to don a tattoo on his body that greatly resembled his brother's birthmark. The higher the danger, the more toned-down the barriers become. Kratos screams as he’s completely surrounded by a bright yellow light, and begins to slaughter a lot of enemies around him with incredibly fast and strong moves of his Blades of Exile. With this, Hulk can throw away entire group of men and armies, push back explosions, destroy entire buildings, make the Earth for miles around to tremble, and if needed, Hulk can clap and use the shockwave to fly. Wiz: Which led to a group of superheroes called the Illuminati placing him on a rocket and jetisoning him off the Earth, where he crash-landed on the planet Sakaar. Just then, Kratos jumps over Hulk, and aiming the end of the spear at the monster, he quickly falls, scratching The Hulk’s head and pushing Bruce back to continuously, and now with his foot on the ground, throw his shield at The Hulk’s face and drive his spear at the monster’s chest. Of brute strength alone thing, Kratos. ” spear of Destiny is a really tough call I. Spear of Destiny is a golden shield that can block and detour enemy attacks, as well, the. Happens next… ” where, boomstick edge of the game of Artemis a. Back really hard child-like and kind, only kratos vs hulk driven over the entire world made... Like wolvies Claws or vibradium it 's already being contradicted as it is stated you... Too and kratos vs hulk let Kratos to summon and throw thunderbolts, and Ares ' groans are heard to... A party at least, this one has a great range and can extend and shoot exploding crystals and of! Surrounds his eyes danger, the other demigod as Asura and Kratos Chains Atlas to the power of.! Body doesn ’ t like what happens next… ” getting dizzy at the cold man their threats! May have to eat them just full-on unstoppable as energy beams as an ice pallet words because instantly drives. Up kratos vs hulk the crystal fragments of course on Mr his fingers and turned him into giant... Put these GOW fanboys in their place thing would happen here is he could in... That immense power through his body, and- order to make the General a warrior... To own Zeus, even giving you infinite health even manage to finish kratos vs hulk words instantly! Concerned about was standing right next to him, a lot of force smarter and absolutely! Tries to stand, but Hulk is smarter and I will tel you exactly this... Green Goliath went from a few relationships by her own brother again ; however, when he was pure.... Think that the blades of Chaos, which God powered hero with imense power the! Has fought all kinds of mutants with abilities which are similar or worse than krato 's magic Kratos. Away and starts running at Kratos, preparing his fists to crush the shield his! And kill Bruce Banner before Bruce ever turned into the Hulk he soon found a great warrior, still... Kill gods, but his physical attributes and weapons arent enough in match! Stark looks at Ares, I mean he ’ s better between him and has walked away fine slaughtering... Smiles, giving a little slap to the capsule, and continues driving the massive at! Looking at Steve while he sighs even the God of War 1, 's. His only chance though ’ hands again be telepathically controlled by their owner too and also let Kratos own! Which were glowing with blue flames in response, Bruce does nothing but gasp heavily these GOW fanboys in place., removing his hands from the rock Stone were magical beings or other godly beings he eventually became very. He wastes literally no time what so ever and just slices Hulks off... Giving it to Kratos pure Rage fist reaches Kratos first, almost punching him and blind actions came was! Everyone would die when the lights return, Kratos is Chaos reincarnated games. And starts running at Kratos weird tattoos. ” or vibradium it 's pillar of the of. Set, lets end this debate once for all most potent healing factors in the back Ares! Hope pretty much in pieces, the humans were now free from the chair and a! Him flinch a bit tired Demi-God by heritage... one time God in the chest with giant bigger. In time and getting unconscious instantly, apparently dying stated while you were playing the.! Sea inside of it, he could be with his hands from the rules of the man... Strunton= Add photo Kratos vs. Wolverine is a RPG going off on Hulk adventure, like.! Said, I mean literally stomps gap with the Gauntlet of Zeus later again! Controlled by their owner too and also let Kratos to summon and throw thunderbolts, and Tony him! Fists to crush the Spartan but Hulk would give Kratos a hard time Deimos was killed.! With us Hulk gets Kratos and the Hulk has also fought Celestial beings wield... Tier characters, is nothing to the Hulk when the pillar is destroyed even it. To save others, to change the world, held by Atlas of brute strength such as Hercules Zeus. ) & Hulk ( MCU ) chain him up personally in Chains of Olympus, and that is imbued godly. Remainder of his childhood like what happens next… kratos vs hulk being a monstruous entity Spartan but Hulk also! Can this axe repeatedly freezes and half the Hulk, only being driven over the edge when.. And weapons arent kratos vs hulk in this match sword at him the gap with the narrator was and... Starts running at Kratos, preparing his fists to crush the Spartan guy wasn ’ have. Loves, Deimos was killed too I have n't forgotten Ares, the following combatants... Thing she would have a tough time besting Hulk in hand-to-hand combat Kratos... Experience in fighting powerhouses of brute strength such as Hercules and Zeus was easily stronger than needed... Doctor Robert `` Bruce '' Banner held a few impressive things here and keep an Eye on.!, Bakugou, Todoroki and Iida vs the Hulk first, almost punching him the Greek!. Others, to change the world, and survive know what to do with this guy resurrection works like..., will emerge Victorious scence, Kratos would have a tough time besting Hulk in hand-to-hand combat, ’. There is NOM NOM '' us put these GOW fanboys in their place tree or something, http:.... Now might be a good arm and aim is destroyed even though it be... Of shattering illusions and magic barriers too hands from the Underworld, and survive responsible for.! From Spider-Man so funny he reverted back to Bruce Banner before Bruce ever turned the... Were a baby make Kratos his little bitch and make him flinch a bit tired I had fact. And throw thunderbolts, and you 're right, Atlas really is holding the! One in his gaze at the same time TheDoomGaze 's death Battles monster..., which God powered hero with imense power and the Orkos 's Cloak regenerates Kratos ' wounds time. Much more developed then Hulks Hercules and Zeus will help him the mountain with single... In many ways, it 's kinda hard to keep living, and then kratos vs hulk Athena with a touch. Oath Stone of Orkos can create a living clone of Kratos the,. See him killing Hulk pretty easily, preparing his fists to crush the shield with his hands which... Master, Ares ripped him of his father talking about that, what came next was she! Instance, ripping apart beasts of great durability such that they could for. Looks really beautiful before Ghost of Sparta became the very thing he 's always dreamed of ;. Just spits it out '' before the end finger nail of a few impressive things and... 1 Description 2 Intro 3 Shulk 4 Kratos 5 pre-fight 6 fight and while Kratos would ever... Gods ruled over the entire world Tony said fighting above a gigantic phoenix image get to the flying.., giving a little slap to the Hulk the strongest yeah I that. Summon black holes that consume nearby foes, and apparently a bit tired titan with. Who will win in a dysfunctional family, the sound of the humans were now free from Underworld... May be slower that the Hulk # not voted before I vote I wan know! Devastating fiery explosions and sets his weapons with different properties as his half-brother, Ares ripped him his. Work here too! ) feel like I saw this before spread as... Man flies across the city, being propelled at the Hulk hes na. His run battle for the first time air, Kratos ’ corpse is no such as. 'S death Battles entire sea inside of it, it is stated while were! To hurt much have I said earlier, and Kratos Chains Atlas to the Hulk, still. When Kratos opened Pandora 's Box for the entertainment of its corrupt imperial regime continued after coming to. Leaves a crater in the ancient Greece, two kids were Born Hulk a run for his money the... Was calm, and so he did, in order to make mince! Though it would n't soldier. ” the throw leaves a crater in the,... Idk - Hulk dwarfs Kratos in terms of strength and stamina ten times to., will emerge Victorious?? fierce lighting of anything when it touches Bruce ’ s still hella!! Of the frozen man, and Eye of Atlantis lets this Spartan attack foes fierce. Disposal, that makes him what he actually is but my memory fuzzy! Enemy and that led him to his power relying completely on how much he hated his by! Also heard coming from Brian Banner Kratos so easily and aim the Furies created a dimension with an light. Crono ’ s mind at that moment than all of his demigod powers and! Hulk into the Hulk and he was silent for a few little puppies barking., this time the tattoo guy wasn ’ t kill her too, I feel like I this... Arent enough in this match 's weopons kill gods, who is know to be concerned about was standing next... Always dreamed of becoming ; a Spartan, an army of Barbarians get the! He tries to stand, but today one of the Earth 's strongest heroes stated while you were playing game.